KLT container pooling

sustainable KLT container management

Your Management Solution

Traydon KLT container pooling

We relieve you of the bound risk by taking over your existing KLT pool and managing it for you or using our own Traydon assets pool.

Pallet 1C

Open Pooling

Traydon offers you a large selection of load carriers KLTs, FLCs, GLTs etc. from our pooling range. You can retrieve and return containers quickly and flexibly. Container types, packing units and quality are standardized.

Pallet 1C

Closed Pooling

We also offer you a customer-specific closed circuit. So you can flexibly choose what the quality and design of your load carriers should look like.

Advantages of pooling

No Capital
Optimized Warehouse
Excellent Quality
Flexible Amount
Round Transport

A sustainable cycle

With our reusable container pool you can reduce the environmental impact with us and contribute to a circular economic system.

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