Container management services

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An all-in package that covers all of your needs


We collect containers, trays and other inlays exactly according to your requirements, put together packing units according to your wishes. Your packaging materials are available to you at all times, are ready for you when you call up, on time and perfectly picked.

What we offer

Container Cleaning
Eingene Lager
Container Storage
KLT Pooling
Container Labeling
Container Packaging
Container Transport


After cleaning, our service doesn’t stop there. Upon request, we will stick new labels or barcodes on your containers, wrap them with strapping or pack them in foil or bags. Sorting is just as much part of our tasks as storing your containers. We are happy to offer you an individual supply concept based on VMI, Kanban or just-in-time.

Why Traydon?

Best Quality

The highest demands on our quality in order to generate the highest level of customer satisfaction. Quality control through our quality management.


KLT containers are our specialty. Concentrate on your core business, relieve your day-to-day business of things that we can do better and cheaper.

Cost Reduction

Save the costs of warehousing and personnel and also save your time and your nerves.

Inventory Control

We always have an overview of your stocks, nothing is lost, you have no new acquisitions due to material wastage.

Time Saving

You gain time for the essentials because we completely relieve you of a low-interest area, but we are completely responsible for the organization.

Space Expansion

Storage space is rare and expensive. And too good for uncleaned containers. Use the valuable space for your core business.

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