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KLT & pallet cleaning

KLT containers play an important role in the storage and logistics of many sectors such as trade, pharmaceuticals and industry, which is why permanent cleanliness of the boxes is so important. Regular professional cleaning is essential for the value chain and this is where Traydon comes in. Traydon is the KLT partner at your side, especially when it comes to professional cleaning. KNOW MORE.

KLT Pooling

Traydon offers you a large selection of load carriers KLTs, FLCs, GLTs etc. from our pooling range. You can retrieve and return containers quickly and flexibly. Container types, packing units and quality are standardized. KNOW MORE.

Risk-free pooling without tying up capital

An all-in package that covers all of your needs

Managed Services For Your KLT pool

Here we manage your own load carriers; KLTs, GLTs, FLC (Foldable Large Containers) through the use of our software partner applications PackPlan & MyPackBook. We can clean and repair the MTVs (returnable transport packaging) and make them available in an RFU (ready-for-use) state for your just-in-time. KNOW MORE.

Online Shop

As specialists for KLT containers, we also develop and produce products ourselves, we broker and sell containers for a discerning group of customers. We look forward to your inquiry.

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