0.4 | special products

ceramic parts

carbon brushes and carbon brushes holder

drawing tools

nickel - and copper ribbon

CuPET (PET Laminated Copper Foil)

Aluminum foil in various thicknesses laminated

Cu-PE (Copolymer Coated Copper Tape)

Polyester film

Polypropylene Foamed Tape

Mica Tape

Parts according drawings

helical teeth

Bevel gear with Klingelnberg spiral teeth

bevel gear pair

helical teeth

Planet carrier welded design

pump shafts

pinion shaft

worm wheel

Spur pinions - Module 2

Splined bushes


Toothed rings for starter lift truck with semi-sharpened teeth

straight-toothed bevel gear

ground shafts

Internal grinding ring gear

Ground Shaft with keyway

Pinion shafts with shrunk-toothed sockets

Double rack module = 2

Rolling tools